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What are the best sites to rewrite text online? Tips for using Smodin, one of the top tools for paraphrasing an article Follow up!

You must be wondering now, what does paraphrase mean, right? The term is nothing more than performing the interpretation of a text through the words themselves.

That is, the original thought is maintained, however, with new ideas and forms, making the new article not a simple copy of the original. In this way, the text becomes a well-developed translation.

The main idea of ​​paraphrase is to make something already written easier. There must always be a ready text. The author needs to clearly understand what he is going to paraphrase so that originality is not lost. First of all, some steps need to be followed.

  • A full reading of the original text
  • Understand clearly what has been read.
  • Get rid of the original
  • Rewrite the text, keeping the same content but with new forms.

These are basic steps to starting a good paraphrase. As you read, you will be able to understand more about the subject and learn to paraphrase correctly.

How to paraphrase a text online?

As stated earlier, paraphrasing a text is when you read, understand, and rewrite it with other ideas.

It is often simpler than the original.

Therefore, you will not copy any words or excerpts but rather present your ideas.

Some guidelines are indicated for correct paraphrasing. Are they:

How to paraphrase text online

To avoid plagiarism

It is forbidden to plagiarize to perform a correct paraphrase. You need to understand what is being said and use your own words to develop the article.

When copying and pasting a sentence, credit must be given. That way, it will not be considered plagiarism but a citation.

Use your own words.

It is necessary to indicate the author of the original text and then develop the material in a paraphrased manner. In this step, you use and abuse your creativity and originality of words.

I understand the text.

You must understand the text completely. Read as many times as necessary, do research, and collect as much information as possible. If necessary, ask questions with the author of the text. It is important that all ideas are clear.

Tools for rewriting text online

With technological advances, there have also been tools that can help you when paraphrasing a text. These tools are known to rewrite material and even detect possible plagiarism.

Known as websites and/or text rewriting tools or spinners, they can be used to rewrite short texts or in large quantities.

We separate some sites that offer these tools, which can be useful for your production. Look!

Tools that help when paraphrasing


O Spinbot can be considered one of the easiest tools to use to rewrite texts.

It’s simple. When accessing the site, just enter the material you want to paraphrase in the text box and let it do the rest. However, your text cannot exceed 10,000 characters. Best of all is that the Spinbot is free, so it can be accessed by everyone.

Rewrite Guru

This site will analyze whether there is plagiarism, whether accidental or not. The tool is able to rewrite all the parts that have plagiarism, offering a completely new version.

The ease of using the Rewrite Guru allows your users to make changes in a few seconds. Understand how to paraphrase a text.

  • Access the rewritten text tool within the site;
  • Upload your file or copy and paste the text.
  • Click the indicated button for a paraphrase;
  • In a few minutes, the site will display your paraphrased text;
  • Once finished, just decide if you will use the version of the tool or if you will still make small changes according to your client’s needs.


Paraphraz.It is able to help you when paraphrasing texts just by rewriting them. Furthermore, it has the benefit of having no limits during rewriting.

The tool can be used in 66 languages, thus increasing the capacity to carry out different translations. Just like Spinbot, it is also free.


O Smudge is an application which has more than 100 languages ​​configured. In addition to the paraphrase function, using this tool you can:

  • Translate your texts into more than 100 languages: An option is indicated for those who need to carry out translations in several languages. The tool is complete and even provides little-known languages.
  • Swap words for free. By placing a small snippet, suggestions will be generated for the words to be replaced.
  • Perform subtitle translations in real time. This option can be considered a differential. With videos usually attached from YouTube, subtitles are generated and translated immediately.
  • Copy symbols, emojis: This fun function uses emojis throughout your text.
  • Dog breed predictor: Little known, this option helps when knowing information about the animal. Just upload the photo and then the platform will give you information such as the breed and all the characteristics that correspond to the pet.
  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech: Here, it’s possible to record audio within Smodin and attach them. The main function is to turn your speech into text, and later your text into audio.

With the use of a thesaurus, Smodin will maintain the originality of the text.


Tips for using Smodin

Some tips and recommendations are necessary for your paraphrase made in Smodin to come out perfect. Check them out below and use them when assembling your article:

one paragraph at a time.

It is recommended to rewrite one paragraph at a time. In this way, the tool guarantees a better evaluation of the text along with excellent results.

Avoid long texts

The longer the text, the more difficult it will be to paraphrase. This happens because there is a difficulty in finding suitable meanings. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, use smaller text.

Analyze the results.

After rewriting, check if it agrees with the original thought. Usually, some words need to be changed.

To achieve significant results, use all the tips above!

Do not forget! If you use these tools correctly, they can help you. However, if used improperly, they can unfortunately be harmful to your work.

To avoid problems, research, run paraphrased tests, and be assured that this is what you need.

After the rewrite, check all the information and make sure the original idea is present.

Now that we already have valuable information about the main tools in addition to knowing more about their main objectives, we hope that your doubts have been resolved and that you can use and abuse all these guidelines easily and in their free format.

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