what computer specs do I need| What is a good processor speed?

what computer specs do I need

what computer specs do I need?

what computer specs do I need

When you’re looking at what computer specs do I need. And what computer to buy, there are lots of confusing things.

  • Processor
  • Ram
  • Hard Drives

We’re going to discuss them all in detail. The first thing we’re going to look at is something called the processor speed. And so this is the speed of something called the CPU the central processing unit.

How powerful of a computer do I need?

It’s the speed at which your computer can run applications. And so this is not the Internet this is how fast Photoshop or a word or email. Or things like that are local on your computer.it’s how fast you can use them. Type into them, edit your documents that sort of thing.

Technically a browser is one of these applications you use it to browse the Internet but for the most part

What is a good processor speed?

What is a good processor speed?

The processor speed is most important for things that are locally on your computer. Image and video files are significantly bigger than text files. And so when you’re editing something if your processor speed is too low your computer might slow down a bit.

If you just need your computer for email or word or certain things. That only deals with text, then the processor speed is not that important. The processor speed again is the speed of something called the CPU. The central processing unit. And that’s the brains of the computer.

It deals with everything that your computer is computing the types of processors you can get fall into three categories.

  1. i3 Processor
  2. i5 Processor
  3. i7 Processor

If you’re just doing email internet browsing or listening to music. Then the core i3 should be just fine. It’s the slowest of the bunch, but it’s still pretty fast.

The processor i5 gives you higher speeds. It allows you to manage more applications and so think gaming a little bit of video editing. Those sorts of things if you are doing light video editing or light photo editing. And then a core i5 should be just fine.

If you begin doing intense gaming or intense video editing. And by that, I mean you’re doing it like eight hours a day. Or you do a lot of video editing, then you’re going to want the i7.

It’s the most sophisticated processor of the list. With technology getting better and better, we also have nine cores; these are a little bit rare. Usually, an i7 should be just fine if you’re doing a ton of video editing and gaming.

But they do have I9 now. And that will give you even better performance within each CPU group. And so if you think of the i3 i5 i7. There are variations you might see something like sixty-five hundred or seventy-seven hundred.

What that means is the higher the number, the better the speed. And i7 is always going to be better than an i-5. An i-5 is still going to be faster and give you better performance than an i3. But within that, there are variations, and so you might have an i-5 6500 and I-5 70700. Then a different i7 the i-5 7700 would be better than the i-5 6500. But still not as good as the i7 with your processor. You are also going to have something called clock speed.

What is Clock Speed?

The clock speed is how many clock cycles a CPU can perform per second. So really what this means is, the higher the clock speed. The faster the computer. If you’re using a laptop for essential functions and thus think a male listening to music. Then a 1.5 gigahertz clock speed should be just excellent.

If you’re using your laptop for lots of games and apps and you’re doing lots of things. With it it’s your daily job then you might want to look for clock speed. That is 2.3 gigahertz or higher now. Of course, you could buy the computer with the fastest CPU the best clock speed all of that is fine.

Battery Life

So the better the CPU and the higher the clock speed. The shorter the battery life and of course the higher price. So if you’re getting a laptop that has an intense processor. Then that means that it’s going to take a lot of energy. And that would shorten your battery life.


If you’re ok with that’s great, it just depends on if you’re ok with that. Better CPUs and faster clock speeds also increase that price. And so you’re going to pay more for a computer that has an i7 then one that has an i-5.

Now the CPU, the Processor, the clock speed are not the only things we look at. When we’re buying a Laptop, another thing we look at is something called RAM ( Random Access Memory). RAM represents the memory that’s available to your computer.

Think the memory that word and Photoshop as these programs are running consumed the RAM storage. More RAM allows you to run more applications at once. This means you could listen to music. Chat with someone on Facebook messenger, and edit a video all at the same time. Without your computer slowing down, but that’s only possible if you have the right amount of RAM.



If you do not have the right amount of RAM. Then ultimately, your applications are going to buffer, or they’re going to freeze temporarily. Until they get access to that memory. The more RAM on your computer, the better it will run applications.

Computers usually have a minimum of 4 gigabytes of RAM, but ideally, you’ll want 8 gigabytes of RAM. If you’re doing video editing or gaming intensely every day. Then you’ll probably want to get into the 16 gigabytes or 32-gigabyte range of RAM.


The processor speed is kind of tied to the RAM. And that if you have a high processor speed but low RAM. You’ll not be able to process all the stuff at the same time. Your applications are going to freeze because there’s not enough memory for them to use dynamically in their program.


If you have the right amount of RAM but a low processing speed. Then your computer will be slow, this means you’ll want your RAM and CPU to match. Because you don’t want to waste money on one or the other. You want them to match because if you have an excellent CPU. Not great RAM that will not work as desire.

Hard disks

Hard disks

Now we’re going to talk about hard disks. The hard disk is where your computer stores permanent data or permanent files. Think of your text files, your image files, your video files. These are often files that you’re creating or downloading from the internet. And they’re being stored on your computer, and you can access them through the file system, and so you can use them. If you’re on a Mac or you click starts. And you can navigate and view your files with the hard disk. The more significant the hard drive, the more data you can store.


There are two main types of hard disks

  • Solid-State Drive
  • Hard Disk Drive

The solid-state drive or the SSD is generally more expensive, but it is also faster if you want to save money you can often get a PC that’s majority Hard Disk Drive and a little bit of Solid State Drive.

Store the core OS (operating system) on the solid-state drive, so it’s faster to access, and that’s where your program speeds matter more. For documents, the relatively static things you can put those in the hard disk drive where the issues of speed less.


Most computers will often come with a hard drive when you’re TB. You can choose whether you want a hard disk drive or a solid-state drive every computer will have some type of hard drive but now as we venture into the cloud and all of this new technology we have services like Google Cloud, Dropbox, one drive that’s kind of changing the state of how much storage you need for your computer.


If you want to store most of your files in the cloud so say you’re a big Google customer you bought a ton of storage on Google and you want to use Google Cloud to store all your documents your files, your spreadsheets, your images, and all that good stuff then you could probably get a computer with less storage and just go to the minimum on that it’s not gonna affect anything.

Your computer storage will depend upon how many files you can store and how quickly you can access those files.

The Reason you might not put all of your files in the cloud Because if you’re dealing with video content consistently and sometimes image content especially like 3d modeling or something like that then that’s not a good idea to store all your files to the cloud. it will take a heavy amount of time to upload this kind of data.

if you’re not dealing with a ton of larger files then maybe the cloud is a better way to go.

Graphics card


There’s also a thing called the graphics card, and if you’re not into gaming or super-intense editing, then you don’t need to worry about this .if you do gaming you want to avoid integrated graphics cards and so that’s like the Intel iris now.

The reason why all these PC gamers hate Mac’s because they’re using these integrated graphics cards, they’re not using a dedicated graphics card like an Nvidia graphics card.

Screen Resolution

If you’re a gamer that’s you probably go to PC now to get into a little bit more of the fluffy stuff like the screen, screen size, and the screen resolution.

You want a beautiful screen with a high resolution. The higher the resolution, the better, but usually, a 1080p resolution for a 13-inch computer is fine. if you do want a bigger screen then you’re gonna want to get a better graphics card so it can render the content on all of those pixels.


There are different types of ports in a laptop. we will list them for you convenience.

  • USB Ports – Universal Serial Bus Ports
  • Ethernet Port —  RJ-45
  • HDMI Port – High Definition Media Interface
  • SD Card Reader
  • Display Port
  • DVI Ports – Digital Video Interface
  • VGA Port – Video Graphics Array
  • Audio Jack
  • Thunderbolt 3 – just like USB – C Port

Laptop | Computer Ports Explained!

If you want more detail info on Ports and there functions , you may like to visit this link


Understanding PC Specs For Beginners

Once you’ve made your selection, or have your freshly-built computer running, don’t forget to make one more check for the latest drivers for all your devices.
This could have a dramatic effect on overall system performance. When you’ve spent so much time and effort selecting or building the laptop or gaming computer that’s right for you, you certainly want to get the optimum performance from your system. Driver Support provides an automated method of ensuring that your computer has the correct and most up-to-date drivers that will keep your system running efficiently, without the guesswork and manual effort.

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