What is better to choose a candy bar or a laptop?

What is better to choose a candy bar
What is better to choose a candy bar or laptop
  1. The device and advantages of the monoblock
  2. The main advantages of laptops over monoblocks

Modern technologies have reached such a level that the computer system fits in the palm of your hand, as evidenced by the ubiquitous smartphones. When looking at the shelves in computer stores, their eyes run-up, and many people prefer monoblocks and laptops to bulky desktop computers. A monoblock is the middle link between a laptop and a regular PC and has its pros and cons. What is better to choose a candy bar or a laptop? You will find the answer to this and many other questions in our article.

The device and advantages of the monoblock

A monoblock can replace a full-fledged computer in almost all respects, and it consists of a separate monitor, into which all the necessary computer components are built. The candy bar has advantages over a stationary computer in terms of convenience and ergonomics – it does not have extra wires. Still, not all candy bars have built-in speakers or input devices, like a touchpad on a laptop, so you still have to buy peripherals separately. But in those monoblocs where there is a speaker system, it is much better than in laptops for the same price, due to the increased space in the case.

Most all-in-one systems have larger screen sizes than laptops, and the most advanced and expensive all-in-one systems have a touchscreen made using the same technology used in tablets. In general, the candy bar fully replaces a stationary home PC, but it often uses components of mobile systems that are more expensive than those in a conventional computer, therefore, a PC and a candy bar with equal characteristics will differ greatly in cost, not in favor of the latter.

A monoblock can replace a computer and a TV – almost any monoblock has ports for connecting analog TV cables. You can install an adapter or a special set-top box (not a smart TV) in the absence of such. In the event of a breakdown of the monoblock, it is best to take it to the service since the diagrams of monoblocks differ from the assemblies of a stationary computer,

The device and advantages of the monoblock

The all-in-one does not take up much space, but, unlike a laptop, which weighs less than 10 kg and is easily transportable, it can only be used at home. A candy bar is ideal for an office – although it does not have a built-in battery that autonomously powers it away from the network, it is not so difficult to carry it than a separate monitor, system unit, and peripherals. 

As in a laptop, integrated circuits are most often used in monoblocks, which exclude the possibility of quick replacement of components, except for HDD and RAM strips. Also, the monoblock does not have a good cooling system. Therefore, even if you take a unit with excellent characteristics, it is not recommended to play games on it to avoid overheating and the accompanying breakdowns (Apple iMac home monoblock PCs and other expensive monoblocs are devoid of this drawback)

If you need a computer for work, and for some reason, you are not considering a laptop, then a candy bar will come in handy – office applications work perfectly on it. Many users also choose candy bars for watching movies and working with graphic editors. Any of our readers know what a laptop is and what distinguishes it from a home PC, but not everyone knows what is better to buy, a candy bar, or a laptop, and we will help you figure it out.

The main advantages of laptops over monoblocks

We have already figured out which cases the choice of a candy bar would be more reasonable than the choice of a laptop. Now we will compare their features and figure out what is better to buy. A laptop is a smaller version of a desktop PC that you can take with you wherever you go because a laptop is not critical to having a UPS and a constant power source from the mains.

The main advantages of laptops over monoblocks

Modern laptops are in no way inferior to desktop PCs in performance, and in terms of ergonomics and mobility they surpass both PCs and all-in-ones, but inferior to both in performance and screen size. Plus, not everyone can take a laptop apart and put it back together, not to mention the special skills required to fix it, so repairing a broken laptop can cost you a pretty penny.

Laptops are clearly inferior to monoblocks in terms of cooling internal components because the space inside the laptop case is even less than in a monoblock, but this problem can be easily solved by purchasing an additional plug-in cooling system on several coolers. Any laptop has built-in speakers, a touchpad for cursor control, and a keyboard, so there are no extra wires at all. Often a laptop will cost less


It turns out that in many cases, a laptop can replace a home PC, but a monoblock, which has everything the same as a stationary, but the absence of a separate system unit frees up more space, is a better replacement. It is impossible to single out an unambiguous leader in this struggle. Although monoblocks are becoming more widespread, buyers prefer laptops and ordinary PCs to them, and the niche of monoblocks on the market still occupies a relatively small part. Their price tags leave much to be desired. 

Final conclusion: What is better to choose a candy bar or a laptop?

When choosing a computer, you should first think about what you need it for, and starting from this, compare the pros and cons of monoblocks and laptops for your needs.

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