what is technology definition?

what is technology definition?

Defination of technology

Today we are going to answer the question of what is technology definition? when you think about technology may b you think of the telephone the camera but what about a table or a chair would you consider that technology. Let’s investigate to find out in the dictionary. Technologies are things created by humans beings that can make our lives comfortable or solve problems.

what is technology definition?

All humans have the basic necessity of life such as getting water and food and having a shelter. Technology is a way to make this easier instead of going down to the lake to get water humans invented a way to bring it straight to our homes. With indoor plumbing, some technologies have wires and plug into the wall

like microphones help to record sound laptops help us get information tight papers to talk to friends and much more. But some technologies do not have wires at all umbrellas help to keep us dry in the rain and the lock helps to keep our things safe a pencil helps us write down information and a fork helps us to eat food.

Can you imagine how our world would look without technology this means that there will be no schools no houses no cars no roads no airplanes no electricity. And so on it would be like living in the jungle. Now this is because almost everything we see around us that is made by humans is a product of technology. Now the question is

what is technology?

what is technology definition in 2020

Is it everything made by humans to make life easy and fun like your cell phones and cars or is it the processes and ideas that lead to the development of these devices well the technology involves both so let’s define technology is the application of human knowledge skills techniques and ideas to create and use goods and

Services also achieve other goals. What does this mean to allow me to explain let we assume that you want to build a house? First, you would need an architect to draw the building plan now that is knowledge; then, you’d need builders to lay the bricks that are the skill.

Also, you’d need a carpenter to build the roof; this is a technique. But wait whose idea was it to make this house in the man eyes was developed a civil engineer. Now, this is the technology it comprises every process involved in creating a service or a product’s it ranges from an idea, so I finished products and even the knowledge of how to use the finished products most of the vast and complicated machines and devices that we have today are products of technology they started from very simple or basic techniques and ideas.

And With time improvements were made and today we have all that you see there is no end to advancements in technology. Improvements are made regularly and who knows what the future holds the basic ideas and techniques required by technicians. Will be introduced to you in the necessary technology to prepare you for the future.


To conclude this Guide about what is technology definition? I want you to always remember that technology is the application of human knowledge skills techniques and ideas. To create goods and services also achieve other goals.

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