Best Laptop Reviews Best Gaming Laptops,Laptops Hp Omen 15 Ryzen 7 5800h Rtx 3060 & Rtx 3070 Review in 2022

Hp Omen 15 Ryzen 7 5800h Rtx 3060 & Rtx 3070 Review in 2022

The OMEN 15 was one of the best gaming notebooks of the past year. In 2021, HP will donate not only more powerful AMD Ryzen ™ mobile processors to the OMEN 15, but also the new RTX-3000 graphics cards. The test of the OMEN 15 2021 with AMD Ryzen ™ 7 5800H and GeForce RTX 3060 will show whether my conclusion is valid this year as well.

chic design
very good workmanship
high quality feel
a lot of achievement
fast SSD
True-to-color and bright 144 Hz display
diverse and many connections
easy to maintain
NVMe SSD can be retrofitted
good price-performance ratio
a lot of bloat / scareware preinstalled
uneven display illumination
gets loud under heavy load
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OMEN 15 with AMD Ryzen ™ mobile processors
The OMEN 15 was offered in 2020 ( test ) with both AMD Ryzen and Intel Core processors. There were not only differences in performance, but also in the connections and the WiFi standard. The OMEN 15 2021 with AMD processors still has to do without a Thunderbolt connection and uses the USB-C 3.2 Gen1 port with integrated DisplayPort 1.4, but it now also comes with WiFi 6.

hp omen 15 ryzen 7 5800h rtx 3060 review
hp omen 15 ryzen 7 5800h rtx 3060 review
You can currently get the OMEN 15 2021 in two versions in our shop. Our test device uses a 15.6 ″ display with 144 Hz and FHD resolution as well as an RTX 3060 and is currently available for 1499 euros *. But it is also available with a WQHD display with 165 Hz and higher color space coverage (100% DCI-P3) as well as a GeForce RTX 3070. All other features are identical.

Technical details of Hp Omen 15 Ryzen 7 5800h Rtx 3060 Review
Display 15.6 ″, IPS, 144 Hz, anti-reflective
15.6 ″, IPS, 165 Hz, anti-reflective
resolution 1920×1080 pixels (Full HD)
2560×1440 pixels (WQHD)
processor AMD Ryzen ™ 7 5800H
graphic Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 (100W)
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
random access memory 16 GB DDR4 SO-DIMM 3200
hard disk 1 TB NVMe SSD
network Realtek Gigabit LAN
WLAN 802.11 ax (WiFi 6)
Bluetooth 5.0
connections 3x USB-A 3.2 Gen1
1x USB-C 3.2 Gen1 incl.DisplayPort 1.4
1x Mini-DisplayPort
1x HDMI 2.1
1x combination jack connector
1x RJ45 port (LAN)
1x SD card reader
battery pack exchangeable Li-Ion battery with 71 Wh (internally screwed)
Input devices illuminated keyboard
Sound 2.0 speakers (Bang & Olufsen)
camera HD webcam
operating system Windows 11
Dimensions 35.79 x 23.97 x 2.29 cm (W x D x H)
Weight 2.46 kg
As always, there isn’t much to say about the scope of delivery. In addition to the device itself, the white packaging also contains a 200-watt power supply unit and a three-pole power cable. In addition, HP includes a quick reference guide that explains everything and pictures. Unfortunately, the individual parts and the warranty slip are still wrapped in plastic film, as was the case with the previous year’s model. This can be done better.

Gaming meets understatement
HP has kept the chic and comparatively restrained design of its predecessor. This means that the OMEN 15 can be used universally, as it does not have excessive beads or edges or noticeable RGB lighting. Apart from a few inconspicuous logos and the hardware stickers, the OMEN 15 is kept in a simple dark gray.

hp omen 15 ryzen 7 5800h rtx 3060 review
hp omen 15 ryzen 7 5800h rtx 3060 review
hp omen 15 ryzen 7 5800h rtx 3060 review
Only the height of 2.29 compared to 2.25 cm is slightly thicker. The rest of the minimalism remains as well as the narrow display bezels. Overall, the OMEN 15 is a chic and, above all, everyday designed gaming notebook.

Clean workmanship and a relatively unsusceptible surface
There is no full aluminum body for 1,500 euros *, but the matt aluminum surface feels relatively high-quality and looks like it in combination with the dark gray. In addition, it feels like the surface is no longer as susceptible to fingerprints as it was last year.

In terms of processing, however, there are no differences. Everything is cleanly deburred and you won’t find any sharp edges on the OMEN 15. The gaps are also very even. There are no differences from the predecessor in terms of stability. The display can be bent easily with a little effort and you can also press the keyboard surface with force. Since you seldom act so powerfully on the notebook in everyday life, this is not a drawback.

Hp Omen 15 Ryzen 7 5800h Rtx 3060 & Rtx 3070 Review in 2022
You can still open the gaming notebook with one finger if you – like my colleague Sascha – value it. A shame: if you lift the notebook and knock on the underside, it still rattles a bit. This is a complaint at a high level, but it would have been gratifying if HP had taken care of the matter.

Good keyboard, large touchpad
The keyboard is pleasantly simple and convinces with a sensible typing experience. After a comparatively short period of familiarization, long texts can also be written without any problems. HP also foregoes unnecessary layout experiments with the OMEN 15, which unfortunately often happens with gaming notebooks. The keys have normal dimensions and apart from a few special keys all sit in the intended position, only the space bar is slightly larger than normal.

Good keyboard, large touchpad
The power button is still hidden next to “Remove”, and there is also a dedicated button for the calculator app and the OMEN software. The white keyboard illumination can be switched on and off with the F4 key. However, there are just as few different luminosities as RGB lighting. But it wouldn’t match the simple appearance of the OMEN 15 2021 either.

As in the 2020 model year, the touchpad does not have haptic buttons or a chrome frame. At 11.5 x 7.5 cm, it is big enough to get from one edge of the screen to the other with one swipe.

Many and varied connections including WiFi 6
The OMEN 15 offers you a multitude of diverse connections that can be summarized very easily: Everything is included except for Thunderbolt 4. On the right side are 2x USB Type-A 3.2 Gen1, Mini-DisplayPort, and USB-C including DisplayPort 1.4. On the opposite side, you will find the power, LAN, combination jack, HDMI, and another USB Type-A 3.2 Gen1 connection. In addition, there is the SD card reader at the very front left.

OMEN 15 ports
OMEN 15 ports
The OMEN 15 is also very well positioned when it comes to wireless connectivity. In addition to the WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 is also on board.

Thanks to the 3x USB-A, Type-C, SD card reader, and RJ45 connection, the OMEN 15 is also armed for all situations in 2021. HP has also distributed the ports sensibly on both sides.

Fast IPS displays are not convincing everywhere
The test device has a matte 15.6 “display with FHD resolution (1920×1080 pixels). The point density is 141 PPI and content is accordingly displayed with good sharpness. The IPS panel in 16: 9 format has a refresh rate of 144 Hz Perfectly suitable for gaming, as games are displayed smoothly without tearing and ghosting. Of course, the requirement is that the frame rate is sufficiently high, as adaptive synchronization such as G-Sync or FreeSync is not supported.

The strengths of the display lie – before the calibration with our SpyderX – above all with a decent color space coverage of 73% AdobeRGB and 74% DCI-P3. The color fidelity is also good for a gaming display with a Delta E 1.38 of. In addition, the maximum brightness of the display is convincing with approx. 350 nits in the middle, just like its predecessor. The gamma of 2.1 is still acceptable, but light gray tones, in particular, are not displayed as accurately.

There are weaknesses, among other things, in the low contrast of 540: 1 at maximum brightness. In addition, the illumination is not very even, so the display in the top left drops by 14% to 296 nits. The display is also set significantly too cold at the factory because the white point is 7300K (50% brightness).

Above all, the calibration improves the white point, which is lowered to 7100K. However, this is still well above the targeted 6500K. In addition, the color fidelity drops to a better Delta E of 1.01. The contrast even increases to 680: 1 at maximum luminance. The calibration, however, does not influence the gamma or color coverage.

OMEN 15 display
OMEN 15 display
This means that the display is by and large good and suitable for the occasional image and video editing. However, if you want to use the OMEN 15 more often for work, you should use the version with a WQHD display and higher color coverage (according to HP 100% DCI-P3). By the way, you can download the calibrated profile here.

Windows 11 includes scare and lots of bloatware
Windows 11 is preinstalled on the OMEN 15 2021. About 895 GB of the SSD with 1 TB storage is still free. There is more free memory if you dispose of the unnecessary programs that are installed at the factory. Included are Disney +, Dropbox, ExpressVPN, MS Teams, Minecraft, Spotify, and Xing, among others. In addition, HP spoils you with a pre-installed McAfee version that runs solid 15 processes in the background. One of them is responsible for those annoying ad pop-ups, so choose wisely. Recommended alternative: Uninstall everything, which should even bring better performance.

Windows 11 including scare and lots of bloatware
omen logo
omen keyboard
HP has also added eleven in-house programs to the OMEN 15, including HP Audio Switch, HP Connection Optimizer, HP Documentation, HP QuickDrop, HP Smart, OMEN Gaming Hub, etc. All of these can be uninstalled if you have them you don’t need.

The OMEN Gaming Hub might even be useful for some users, as it combines some useful functions and information. You can, for example, select wallpaper, create an account, create profiles, stream games from an OMEN host PC to a remote client, adjust the lighting, activate various performance modes, read out the temperatures and workloads of the hardware or start your installed games. You can start it with the dedicated button.

Powerful with AMD Ryzen ™ 7 5800H and RTX 3060
The OMEN 15 2021, as a variant with an AMD Ryzen ™ 7 5800H mobile processor and GeForce RTX 3060, should offer the best price-performance ratio for many gamers. The RTX 3060 is specified with a TGP of 100W. The processor relies on eight cores, which not only bring superior gaming performance to the road but are also worthwhile in applications.

The good news: You will get almost no problems with the internal FHD display if you don’t want to be in the latest titles with maximum details or ray tracing on Ultra. Why do I know? Because we run our gaming benchmarks with the maximum level of detail as standard. But even then, the OMEN 15 2021 still achieves respectable frame rates in the more ear-friendly “Balanced” mode. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, for example, runs with an average of 48 FPS, in Shadow of the Tomb Raider with ray tracing shadows and without DLSS it is even 62 frames per second on average. As always, you can find all results in the diagrams.

Powerful with AMD Ryzen ™ 7 5800H and RTX 3060
Using Division 2, I also looked at how the OMEN 15 fares compared to its predecessor with an AMD Ryzen ™ 7 4800H mobile processor and GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. If the predecessor reached an average of 55 FPS, the 2021 model achieved 68 FPS. After all, an increase of 23.6%. However, not every title scales that well. In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, for example, the OMEN 15 2020 averaged 46 FPS, a marginal difference compared to the 48 FPS of the current model.

I, therefore, recommend leaving it at high details in current AAA titles so that you can also benefit from the 144 Hz display. In the OMEN Gaming Hub, you can also activate the “Performance” mode, but the OMEN 15 will then be very loud as the components are more heavily loaded.

The more every day, but also more cost-intensive option to achieve more FPS: The OMEN 15 with RTX 3070 and WQHD display. The next better graphics card should achieve around 15-20% more FPS than the RTX 3060, depending on the game, but it will also be louder and warmer.

Strong application performance with 8 cores
Although the AMD Ryzen ™ 7 5800H performs well in games, it shows its true strength in applications. They benefit from the high multi-core performance. This includes, for example, the Cinebench R20, in which the mobile processor with almost 4,500 points is almost on par with the Intel Core i9-9900K from the MSI GT76 Titan ( test ) with 4,633 points – three years old, but the fastest desktop at the time -CPU. The Intel Core i9-11980HK from the MSI GE76 Raider 2021 also got around 4070 points.

In the CineBench R23 and the Resolve benchmark, the OMEN 15 2021 is roughly on par with the Schenker XMG Core 15 ( test ) with Intel Core i7-11800H and RTX 3060, but the graphics card is specified with 130 watts. In our Blender benchmark, the OMEN 15 2021 also draws a level when it comes to CPU performance.

In our Photoshop benchmark, the OMEN 15 2021 also lands in the upper range of our database with a total score of almost 815 points. It can position itself in front of the Acer Nitro 5 ( test ) and the Razer Blade 14 ( test ).

Fast-paced M.2 NVMe SSD from Samsung
I am pleased that HP has not made the red pencil with the SSD. A Samsung MZVLB1T0HBLR-000H1 NVMe SSD with 1 TB of storage is installed in the test sample, which is one of the fastest SSDs in our database with reading and writes rates of just under 3.5 and 3.0 GB / s. The AS SSD benchmark also confirmed the run with very good read and write values.

Acceptable temperatures when gaming
The OMEN 15 2021 with Ryzen ™ 7 5800H and RTX 3060 is a pleasantly quiet companion in everyday life in the “Standard” performance mode. Most of the time, the two fans even turn off completely during undemanding tasks. If they start up in-office use, only a restrained noise can be heard. The temperatures of the CPU and GPU are moderate at 44 and 40 ° C on idle.

But what about the stress test? Then, in addition to the high performance, there is an additional advantage of the modern manufacturing process of the AMD Ryzen ™ 7 5800H mobile processor. In the stress test, the temperatures remained in an acceptable range with an average of 91 ° C (CPU – Tide) and 78 ° C (GPU). Throttling does not occur even under permanent load. The gaming notebook is audible, but the monotonous, rustling background noise is positive. Unfortunately, the 2021 version also has a minimal whistling sound that can be heard in the background.

When gaming, the fans behave similarly to the stress test. A closed gaming headset is recommended to keep the noise at bay. The temperatures are similar to the stress test. In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla I measured 90 ° C on the AMD Ryzen ™ 7 5800H and 80 ° C on the GeForce RTX 3060. The values ​​are also good, especially since Assassin’s Creed Valhalla places very high demands on the hardware and the cooling system. There is no throttling here either.

Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers
The OMEN 15 relies on stereo speakers from Bang & Olufsen. Overall, the sound is good for a notebook and the combination of highs, mids and lows fits. As with every notebook, however, the depths are not particularly pronounced because there is a lack of volume due to the design.

You can easily watch podcasts, YouTube videos, and even one or two films on OMEN 15 2021. Even with music, you can turn the level up to 80% without being plagued by high-pitched heights with earaches. However, S-sounds tend to hiss. Depending on the genre, the most balanced sound is more likely at 60-70% volume. That is completely sufficient for operation in medium-sized rooms.

Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers
If you like, you can use the internal speakers for gaming. The sound is sufficient for this, but the sound mixes with the noise of the fan. I, therefore, recommend a suitable gaming headset.

Open, upgrade, wait – everything is possible
The OMEN 15 2021 is almost identical to its predecessor, so this time there are only eight Phillips screws that can be loosened quickly and easily with a small screwdriver. Then you just have to hang your fingernail on the back between the gaps and pry open the bottom. This is quick and can be done without tools.

Open, upgrade, wait – everything is possible
Open, upgrade, wait – everything is possible
Once inside, the components are neatly sorted and easily accessible. These include the two RAM modules, which you can exchange for 2x 16 GB if necessary. The two M.2 ports for the NVMe SSDs are located to the right and left of the battery under copper heat sinks. Since only the left slot is occupied, you can retrofit another NVMe SSD on the right. The battery itself is also only screwed and can therefore be easily exchanged if it should ever be necessary.

Overall, the OMEN 15 is also very easy to maintain and upgrade in this model year. Even laypeople should be able to install an additional SSD or a RAM upgrade without any problems. In case you are not sure: We have created an upgraded video for the almost identical OMEN 15 2020 in which we show and explain the individual steps in detail.
By playing the content, a connection to the provider is established and personal data is transmitted. Further information is in our data protection declaration.

Conclusion: Hp Omen 15 Ryzen 7 5800h Rtx 3060 Review
The OMEN 15 remains a very strong and recommendable notebook for the majority of gamers in the 2021 model year. Appealing design, flawless workmanship, many and above all diverse connections, and fast 144Hz display: This means that the OMEN 15 2021 can positively stand out from many gaming notebooks. In addition, there is the combination of AMD Ryzen ™ 7 5800H, 16 GB RAM, and GeForce RTX 3060, which enables both high-performance FHD gaming and working in demanding applications as well as occasional image editing to run smoothly.

The matte FHD display can score with an acceptable color coverage (73% AdobeRGB), a high maximum brightness (348 nits), and a good color fidelity (Delta E 1.38) ex-works. The weaknesses, on the other hand, are the mediocre contrast, the uneven illumination, and the white point that is set too cold. Some of the weaknesses can at least be improved with a calibration. If you want to work with the gaming notebook frequently or are looking for an even better color display with a higher resolution, you should use the model with a WQHD display, 165 Hz, and RTX 3070 ( shop ).

Hp Omen 15 Ryzen 7 5800h Rtx 3060 Review
The built-in stereo speakers are adequately matched and are completely sufficient for most everyday tasks. The SSD convinces in everyday life with very high read and writes speeds, you can also easily install another NVMe SSD, upgrade the RAM to 32 GB or replace the battery. The OMEN 15 2021 is audible under load, but on the whole, a closed headset is enough to block out the background noise. The hardware, which is stronger in comparison, also warms up a little more than in the previous year but remains in the uncritical area.

It’s a shame: HP will continue to garbage the OMEN 15 in 2021 with heaps of preinstalled programs that not only steal storage space but also run so many processes in the background that it should also affect performance. There is not much more to complain about with the gaming notebook.

This means that the OMEN 15 remains a clear recommendation for the 2021 model year, but the plus in performance compared to the previous year is also noticeably reflected in the price given the current 1499 euros

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